Sales Agent

Independent Commission Sales Rep/ Agent

How do I become a sales Agent?
(a) To become an agent, simply send your CV to using Sales Agent as the subject of the e-mail
(b). [Click here] to have access to marketing tools that will enable you strategise and aid you to sell our products faster and succeed as our sales agent

How to get started
1. Duly appointed sales agent will be interviewed. Successful applicants will  trained and provided with necessary company marketing materials (handbills and banners)
2. You can then go out to talk to prospective individual and corporate customers that will be interested in buying our products
3. You or your customers make payment to the designated account and we will despatch the order as soon as the payment is confirmed

You will require a little start-up capital but you don’t need an office and can operate from home.

Once you close a sale, you will contact your dedicated liaison person in our sales department who will work with you from order placement till the items are delivered to you or your customer.

You can earn between 2% – 10% sales commission based value of products purchased by your customers. A detailed sale commission chart will provided to you as part of your onboarding.

Yes, you earn sales commission anytime your customer purchase products.

Your sales commission is paid to you in the form of products which are issued as we fulfill your order. You are expected to sell the sales commission products in order to realise your commission in cash.

At the end of every quarter, we calculate and issue incentive products to our top 5 agents and wholesalers. They are expected to sell these to realise their incentives in cash.

We provide one or two sample of each of our product to enable you taste them and aid your testimonial from personal experience.

This sample is provided alongside your first order or on payment of a token amount which will be subtracted from your future orders.

No, you are to sell the products strictly at the company price. You should not increase or reduce the price of the products.

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