We wish to thank you for your interest in our products.

Please find below our requirement for intending distributors for our products.

 Requirements: Interested companies must provide evidence of
1. A contact office and warehouse for business transactions to transact and storage of products.
2. Adequate financial capacity to operate within your chosen distributorship band.
3. Being a company registered to transact business in Nigeria – business name or limited liability company
4. Existing marketing structure in place – customer base, delivery van, ability to recruit, train and manage a field sales team

5. Engagement in similar or closely related business


1. You enjoy special distributor discount (calculated from the highest wholesale discount) of the various products
2. You make profit either by selling to end users, sales agents or wholesalers
3. You enjoy exclusive distribution of the products of your choice in your locality. We will tag wholesalers and commission sales agents to you in the area covered by you.
4. Your company’s name, contact address and phone number will be listed and displayed on our website and marketing avenues
5. You will enjoy additional monthly rebate based on your monthly sales          volume per the distributor band below.

N 200,000 – 400,000
N 500,000 – 1 Million
N 2 Million – N 5Million
N 6 Million – N 10 Million
N 10 Million – N 20 Million

This rebate will be paid to you in the product of your choice
6. Opportunity to win annual bonuses and incentives (e.g. expense paid trips, electronics, vehicles e.t.c) for best overall distributor

Looking forward to your response and further discussions, if necessary.

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