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Pap is a traditional and often sour cake processed from maize, sorghum or millet. It usually has a smooth texture and is boiled into porridge before consumption. Fermented pap has a mild to strong sour flavour resembling that of yogurt and a characteristic aroma which quickly differentiates it from starch and corn flour. The colour of pap depends on that of the originating cereal – slightly cream for white maize, cream for yellow maize, light or chocolate brown for sorghum, and greenish to grey for millet.

Our pap is prepared under stringent hygienic conditions aligned to internationally accepted Good Manufacturing Practices.

Every bowl prepared is a delight and filled with natural goodness as we do not add any preservative nor artificial components to the pap.

Each pap variant is available in 130g and 500g pack.

Orders for other sizes can be accommodated based on availability

White PapYellow PapBrown Pap

Made up from white maize

white front kongawhite back konga

Made up from yellow maize



Made up from sorghum

brown konga brown back konga